A Bluetooth contactless terminal is the ideal solution for accepting card payments from customers where it is most convenient for them. For example, you might want your customers to be able to pay at their table while eating at your restaurant.  The Bluetooth terminal is all about ease of use and it’s not limited to restaurants in particular. In fact, you could use the device around any specific circumference within your store or warehouse because it’s wireless.

The Ingenico Bluetooth comes complete with a charging cradle, which must be connected to both a power point and telephone line. The Ingenico iWL series is designed to withstand even the toughest working environments. All of the contactless terminals provided by Seymour Direct have been programmed and tested before we despatch them to you, so you’ll be able to begin using them as soon as they arrive on your premises. These Ingenico card readers are streamlined to the best ergonomic design and allow you to keep a full set of payment capabilities for your business. These include smart card, ( chip & PIN ) magnetic stripe and embedded contactless facilities.

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By Steven Lee (Google+)

If you run a business and are totally new to accepting credit cards then this blog post is for you; in fact it’s also helpful for people who are looking to switch providers or just upgrade their card machines.Because we care about our customers setting up payment processing with us, we wanted to cover a few general pointers that will help your business adapt to this new technology or will just make card transactions go a lot more smoothly at your stores.

Costs & Upgrades

There are many benefits for businesses operating credit card terminals but it is also important to understand the costs and how you can balance them in order to see the best return on investment possible. If you contact a merchant services provider such as Seymour Direct to help you get approved to accept credit cards then you’ll need to be PCI compliant, which means that any card sensitive data handled by your business will remain secure. You can read more about this at the official PCI website but all the contactless card machines supplied by Seymour Direct are certified PCI compliance compliant.

You will also have to consider the costs per card transaction. These are known as ‘merchant processing charges’ and when you approach us for a quote we’ll explain exactly what fee will be added to each sale; we NEVER include any hidden charges when your monthly invoice arrives. The features your card machine uses, illustrated in the image above, and what type of service you offer your customers will affect your monthly fees. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the cost of a particular feature when calling or using the ‘Get A Quote’ button.

Staff Training

It is important that your staff are familiar with the processes involved in operating the contactless terminals so that each sale can be carried out quickly and without hassle. A customer might enter your store having never made a contactless payment before or be requested to enter their PIN and find it returned as ‘Declined’; this is when it’s important for staff to advise the customer on what to do next.

You should remember that integrating credit card terminals at your store means that you will no longer have the worry of handling large cash sums or waiting for cheques to clear; but the main advantage you need to remember is that it makes life easier for your customers. If a shopper gets the routine PIN request (which will happen from time to time) and they enter their PIN incorrectly more than 3 times then their card will be blocked by the card issuing bank. If this happens, your staff should not assume the person is a fraudster as it’s common for people to forget their PIN.

Customer Education


You should also remember that customers will have a lot of queries when first using the technology at your store. Questions that consumers may ask relate to the security of the transactions or they may wish to know when the charge will be applied to their account.You can inform them that each transaction will display a small ‘contactless symbol’ on their bank statement, such as the one illustrated above.

By Steven Lee (Google+)